Dispute resolution

Representation in civil court proceedings and also in local arbitral tribunals and international courts of arbitration, in which connection priority is on disputes concerning contractual obligations and corporate matters. Representation in administrative court proceedings and also tax proceedings and other administrative proceedings, in which connection priority is on disputes concerning taxation and state liability. Representation in the Court of Justice of the European Union and also representation in the European Court of Human Rights.

Transaction advisory

Counselling in relation to the planning and implementation of transactions and businesses, and all legal issues surrounding the foregoing. Depending on the scope of assignment, this service comprises analysis of facts, interests of the client and conditions and risks of a transaction, as well as provision of suggestions, also drafting of contracts and other legal documents, and representation at negotiations and administration. In addition we counsel local and international tax planning of transactions and business structures.

Legal opinions

Provision of legal opinions verbally or in the form of short written comment or exhaustive juridical memoranda, as based on the needs of the client and scope of the assignment. Inter alia this service comprises for example guidelines related to and explanation of statutory conditions of business or other transactions, legal audit (due diligence) and tax analysis of companies and transactions, and also analysis of perspectives of and solutions to disputes.

Law Firm Valter & Tiivel has good relations with legal scholars, financial specialists and experts of other fields of activity, as well as with local and foreign law firms, together with whom we are able to solve assignments of any kind of specific nature and volume.